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Our Loan Programs

We are a balance sheet lender. We personally service all of our loans and do not sell them off.

$250K - $5MM

Whether you’re looking to buy and hold, fix and flip, or bridge a transaction, Armitage Street has the capital for your investment needs.

Our loans provide liquidity and quick execution to give you the peace of mind to know your project will be funded on time.

Single or Multi-family properties

Up to 80% of total cost

12 month terms

Easy extensions


Single or Multi-family properties

Ground up construction

12-18 month terms

Draws funded in 48 hours


Single or Multi-family properties

For initial purchase to entitlement

6-12 month terms


Our Proven Process

See the Armitage Street Difference, step-by-step.


Our one-page application takes 10 minutes or less to complete. You can receive pre-approval within 8 business hours without needing personal financial statements or income tax returns.

Easy Closing

We streamline closing by providing a clear checklist of requirements. With fast, 48-hour closings and only a $750 legal fee (depending on the deal), our process will be straightforward and hassle-free.

Initial Terms Within 48 Hours

Talk directly to decision makers. With the submission of an executed contract, project gameplan, scope of work & itemized budget, a term sheet will be delivered prior to the project walk through - no appraisal required.

Simplified Draw Process

We keep draws simple by only requiring major trade lien waivers and Facetime inspection eligibility. Draws are funded within 24 hours of receipt of paperwork and the borrower's requested inspection date.


Get an expert's perspective on your project with a free inspection from an experienced construction professional. With another set of eyes on the job, we can ensure that we're all working together as a team.

Loan Servicing & Extensions

With a focus on your project's success, we don't charge additional points and offer electronic extensions for added convenience. Notary visits are only required if the loan amount changes.